Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fool's Gold...kick rocks!

Hello!! It's been a while, but I'm back!

So I'm sitting here listening to my new iTunes downloads and of course Jill Scott's "Fool's Gold" is at the top of my new playlist! I've been a HUGE fan of Jilly from Philly's since forever. I have all of her cd's. Every last one.

So her new single "Fool's Gold" is definitely a play on a previous blog that i wrote. How many of us have chased that proverbial Fool's Gold? When everything he said, was just so perfect? Believing in someone more than you believed in yourself and the relationship? How many of you believed what a man or woman has said to you? happens way too often!

I was inspired to write this post about 2 months ago, but I put it on the back burner. Mainly because I felt like I had written about this topic before, but then I realized that this topic NEVER goes to bed. It's a topic that lives in NYC...the city the never sleeps. It never sleeps. And as long as there are men and women on this planet, this topic will remain relevant.

I'll keep it short and sweet...liars, perpetrators of the fraud, and game players can kick rocks! I can't understand why, at our age, men or women feel the need to continuously lie and play games when it comes to relationships?? My most recent experience happened a few months ago when a sudden tragedy brought a former "friend" back in town. I hadn't had any contact with this man for a few months, but when my phone rang and I saw that it was him, I immediately 1. knew he was in town, and 2. let the call go straight to voicemail. I knew he was in town because that's the only time I ever hear from him. When's he's here, it's all about me, and when he leaves, it's like i never existed. ...(side eye) I have to wonder why he even attempted to contact me because we had this conversation before, so he knows how I felt about it. But still...he calls. I listened to his vm message and then deleted it. I ended up seeing him a couple of days later and he asked if he could talk to me...i said no and walked away. No hard feelings. I'm just that type of person. If I told you how I feel about something and you keep doing it, it's not my fault, it's yours. And if i continue to let you do something, then's my fault. I won't be at fault on this one.

All this lead me to thinking about why grown men and women play games? Game playing can get a person in a world of trouble if they play games with the wrong person. Lucky for men, I'm not the wrong person. I'll just laugh and walk away (lol)! Normally, I would write about how to combat the game players and give you examples of how deal with them. But in this instance, i can't. Game players will be around forever and it's up to us REGULAR people to learn to identify them and learn how to avoid them in life. Unfortunately, men and women will probably date 8 game players for every 10 people they date. ...those odds suck, by the way... but it's up to us to just call them out and either keep it moving, or give them another chance. But until then....kick rocks!