Friday, March 14, 2014


Thanks to everyone who made suggestions as to what to call my Blog.  I've decided on InTheWrightStateofMind.  This Blog will be random thoughts that i have.  Usually, I just sit and think about things that are going on, especially in my community and my life, style, and culture.  I guarantee you these posts will be random, as my life is a whirlwind.  At any given time, I'll be in a gymnasium for regular season or AAU basketball, on a football field, in my kitchen baking or making something, or just sitting around laughing and talking with my family and friends. My acquaintances will be my inspiration.  My experiences throughout my life will also play a big role in what i write.

I hope that i will be able to keep your attention and keep you all interested in the Wright State of Mind.

Also, let me give a disclaimer now...actually a couple...1. I don't like using capital letters, so don't even go in sideways on me when you see this! 2. Nothing i write is a personal attack on any one, it's just an opinion.  MY opinion.  You can agree or disagree.  It's all good! 3. If i DO offend anyone, charge it to my heart and not my mind, and 4. Stop going around saying that Bessie don't care what she say.  I actually do care what i say, it's just that my delivery is often "off" and my good intentions are taken the wrong way.  :-)