Thursday, April 3, 2014

Of Height and Men...random thoughts

Tall chicks got it bad.  Everybody says that they wish they were tall, but nobody really wants to live the life that a tall chick does.  We catch heck from every angle.  Now don't get me wrong.  I appreciate the 5'10" that the good Lord blessed me with.  Even if it IS biologically mind boggling.  I have short parents. And at 5'10", i'm considered to be a short, tall girl.Yes, there are variations of tallness people. But most people want to be tall because they can't reach the box of Cheerios way in the back on the top shelf of the highest cabinet in the kitchen.  Hate to break it to you, but that's not a reason to ever want to be tall.  That's only a temporary fix to a temporary problem lol.
So, i'm sitting here thinking about issues that tall chicks have to deal with on a regular.  My list will get longer i'm sure, but here's a few things just off the top of my mind.

#1 Clothes! Why can't i buy one pair of pants (not jeans) at Shenango Valley Mall? JCPenney "claims" to carry tall clothes, but you have to order them and wait for them to come in and then see if they fit right.  Because God forbid that a manufacturer makes the exact pants in the same style and fit. Seems too much like right.  But nope! I can only hope that the same style and size pants fit the same.  I once bought pants from JCP; same style and size, but different colors. One fit great, the other was a nightmare.  And sleeves! Do i dare mention sleeve issues? ...i'm getting a little ticked off as we speak lol!  The store down the hall from JCP sells tall jeans in their store.  Sad that  I can only buy jeans in ONE store in the entire mall.  And yes, I have every pair they offer.  They're only 4 styles.

#2 Short guys! Why are short men inclined to think that every tall chick will take them seriously?  No disrespect to the vertically challenged cats out there, but they're not my cup of tea.  I'm a tall girl who likes to wear heels.  I don't want to be walking around with Arnold Jackson at my side.  With that being said, the next short dude that tries to holler at me is getting body-slammed on sight.

#3 The old(er) lady in the grocery store.  You know her.  The one who always wants you to get the bottle of whatever off the shelf for her because, as she puts it, "You're nice and tall".  B*llsh*t lady!  You're lucky my mom taught me to respect my elders.  But really, that's getting real old to me.

#4 Stereotypes.  All tall people do not/did not hoop! I hated basketball.  I like to watch it, but i never liked playing it.  And i never did play it.  Too much contact for me.  I liked volleyball because i didn't have to worry about guarding or letting some sweaty person get that close to me.  I guess I'm kind of a germaphobe.  Truth be told, i'd rather been a Golden Girl (dance line in the band) or something like that in high school.

I'm a short girl trapped in a tall girl's body.  I have no biological reason to be tall.  Besides my cousin's daughters and my son, I'm the only tall person in my family. But my cousin's kids are supposed to be tall.  Their father is 7'1" tall.  I'm glad that i have some Twitter friends who are tall and we can compare notes and shopping sites.  Although I've never met any one of them personally, they are a great bunch of girls to bond with.  I look forward to one day meeting them in person.  ...then I can be the short girl of the group :-)