Friday, February 3, 2017

Why it sucks to be single

Ok so we all know that it sucks to be single for most people.  It sucks being single for, i would say, the obvious reasons.  Those reasons include, but aren't limited to, companionship, friendship, and intimacy.
Since I've been single for my entire life, I have first hand knowledge as to why it really is a pain in the behind to be a single woman.  Here are some of my reasons...let's call them #alternativefacts.

Your cousins and sisters are always your wedding dates.

It's bad enough that I go to weddings of my former students and players, but even worse that I don't have anyone to bring as my date.  I typically go to weddings and social events with my cousins and sisters, so I'm not usually the odd person out who's sitting in the corner by herself.  But what's even worse is that when the bride and groom comes around to each table to greet their guests, they always say to me "Hang in there, you'll find someone soon".  Yeah, i'm old enough to be your mother so who the heck do you think you're giving advice to?? I have to LOL at this at I'm writing it.

You call your best friend to help find out what's wrong with your car and you end up having to get a whole new car...

So I've known for a some time now that my car had a slight issue, but I was ok with handling it like i was for the time being.  But I just couldn't leave well enough alone the other day.  So i called my best friend and asked him if he could find out why the antifreeze was leaking out of my car? After a day of going back and forth about what was wrong with my car and supposedly fixing it, my car now has a full tank of antifreeze, but no heat.  And of course, he denies that he's the cause of my car not having any heat.  I mean why would I think that he's the reason that my car has no heat since he was the one who "fixed" it? Needless to say, I'm car shopping as we speak.

You can't rely on people when they say that they'll come fix something for you...

This one can include a plethora of things, but for the sake of this post, let's say it's getting people to come fix stuff in your house.  Home ownership is considered to be a part of the American dream.  And being a single woman who owns a home, is a wonderful thing, but not so fun at the same time.  For example, when something breaks, who's there to help you fix it? About 5 years ago, I bought a new fridge.  The kind with the water and ice that comes out of it.  I bought that fridge just so that i COULD get water and ice from it.  Someone near and dear to me said that they would hook up the water kit for me.  That was FIVE years ago.  FIVE years.  You see where I'm going with this? Another time, i had asked someone if they could hang my new TV on the all in the living room for me?  This was about a year or so ago.  Needless to say, my TV is still sitting on the factory stand that comes with it. But my best friend redeemed himself and hooked up the water to my fridge and I am now the proud owner of a fridge that has ice and water coming out of it lol

You always have to find someone to help you in a bind...

You can't be single and have an emergency just pop up.  It's hard to find someone to help out in short notice, like when you need a ride to the rental car place because your best friend jacked your car up.  Or even just trying to find a car to use for a couple days, because your best friend jacked your car up. Just messed it all up.  SMMFH

Being single isn't all that bad, but let's keep it real for a minute.  Being single sucks royally.  Even if you're not married, but have a significant other, your life isn't as bad as being a truly single woman.  At least you have someone there to help you with things. To give their input on decisions that have to be made and just be able to take to the lead on certain things that come up in life.  It's mentally exhausting to be a single person and a single parent.  Every decision depends on you and to be honest, sometimes I don't feel like making a decision about stuff.  Sometimes i just want to sit back and let someone else make the decision.  That would be a lot of stress off me.  But in the meantime, all I can do is continue to date my cousins and sisters, hope that someone will come fix the pipe in the shower in the main bathroom in my house, and ride around in a car with no heat O_o